There are many good reasons
for Rosengarten

Organic food made naturally

At Rosengarten, we have a long tradition of crafting organic food products. Rosengarten is the organic food brand of Minderleinsmühle, a family-owned company with strong roots near Nuremberg in Bavaria stretching back to 1776.

We draw on our wealth of experience here to turn premium ingredients such as spelt, oats and chocolate into delicious organic food. Together with our customers, we promote sustainable agricultural practices and help preserve an ecologically diverse environment.

Sustainable packaging

According to our slogan "act responsibly - today for tomorrow!" we base our actions on the principles of sustainability. Here, we are not only concerned with producing organic food, but also consider sustainability in all our planning, actions and decisions. Sustainable packaging also is an important part in this context.

Quality & Food Safety

Organic quality with great taste

Since 1985, we at Rosengarten have been developing high-quality organic products - from selected organic ingredients, with a lot of love for our artisan craft and a good portion of innovative spirit.

Environmental responsibility

According to the principle "Act responsibly - today for tomorrow!" Rosengarten organises its business activities in the long term according to the sustainability standards. First of all, sustainability means being able to justify today's actions for tomorrow. We take ecology, social and economic aspects into account.

Rosengarten enjoyment variety

The Rosengarten success story began with the blending and creating of diverse muesli variations. Our customers are spoilt for choice between classic muesli blends or and exciting innovative recipies.

"Organic in the artisan tradition -
for Rosengarten a matter of course."

- Rosengarten -