About Rosengarten

At Rosengarten, we have a long tradition of crafting organic food products. Rosengarten is the organic food brand of Minderleinsmühle, a family-owned company with strong roots near Nueremberg in Southern Germany stretching back to 1776. We draw on our wealth of experience here to turn premium ingredients such as spelt, oats and chocolate into delicious organic food. Together with our customers, we promote sustainable agricultural practices and help preserve an ecologically diverse environment.

From traditional milling craft to innovative natural food company

Based on experience - as the organic food brand of the Minderleinsmühle, we benefit from a centuries-old tradition of business for Rosengarten. The Minderleinsmühle has been owned by the Hubmann family since 1776. In 1983, the current owner Andreas Hubmann took over the management of the company and, with absolute dedication to organic farming, led the company from a former miller's business to one of the pioneers in natural food production. With the inclusion of the Nuremberg natural food brand Rosengarten in 1994, he set the groundwork for today's successful brand image.

Minderleinsmühle is managed by owner Andreas Hubmann. Since 2018, Andreas Wenning has joined the company's top management team as managing director. Since 2023, Irene Reif has strengthened the company's top management team as Managing Director. 

"Organic farming and organic products based purely on passion and commitment - that is where our family business has its roots. To this day, we continue this mission uninterruptedly with passion and enthusiasm. We consider it particularly important to constantly offer new product creations in order to always meet the tastes of our customers and to surprise them tirelessly with new organic products. Rosengarten is a main pillar of this, and that's what the brand represents in the end."

Andreas Hubmann

Organic food made naturally

The Rosengarten variety of delights

The Rosengarten success story began with mixing and creating a variety of mueslis. Our customers are spoiled for choices between classic muesli mixtures, such as our popular fruit muesli or premium muesli indulgence like our tempting almond raspberry brittle muesli.

Our experience with muesli allowed us at Rosengarten to quickly expand our product range to include confectionery, wafers and pastries. Today, we are one of the largest processors of organic chocolate in Germany, processing more than 1,200 tonnes per year.

In addition to sweet delights for "every day", we also offer savoury snacks. Furthermore, our selection includes special treats for the festive season like Christmas and Easter. Whether original Elisen gingerbread or smiling chocolate Easter bunnies, at Rosengarten you'll find it!

The Rosengarten history

Nowadays, 450 employees at two locations take care of our product variety.
Launch of our webshop

Another highlight in 2022 is the launch of our webshop. In the future, our products can also be purchased via our homepage.

Relaunch of the website and the product range

The relaunch of the Rosengarten brand is still continuing in 2022. In spring, the wafer range was launched in the new design in the shops. The muesli range followed in the summer. The Rosengarten homepage was also redesigned earlier this year.

Kick-off for the second relaunch of the Rosengarten brand
With our new brand identity, we want to appear even more ecological, even more enjoyable and even more unique. Under the claim "organic food made naturally", the best organic products made from oats, spelt and chocolate are combined with more sustainable packaging.
Change to fair chocolate

Rosengarten only allows high-quality ingredients to be used, which are then refined, making a very high quality promise. Since 2020, we only use fair chocolate.

Rosengarten for the first time at the organic exhibitions Bio-West and Bio-Ost
The new design was then presented at Bio-West in Düsseldorf and Bio-Ost in Berlin in 2013. We are still participating in these trade fairs nowadays.
First relaunch of the Rosengarten brand
Best quality - new look: From 2012 onwards, our Rosengarten products appeared with a new logo and a unique, fresh design.
Rosengarten at the organic exhibition Bio-Süd for the first time

In the south of Germany we have been presenting our assortment at the Bio-Süd-Messe in Augsburg since 2009. We are still exhibitors at this fair today.

IFS certification and first organic exhibition Bio-Nord
Certification of the Minderleinsmühle according to the International Food Standard (IFS) quality and hygiene system at a higher level. In the same year, Rosengarten took part in the Bio-Nord exhibition in Hamburg for the first time.
Second production site Lebensgarten
The Minderleinsmühle is surrounded by an area of protected nature and landscape. Further expansion at the original location was therefore naturally limited. In order to keep up with the steady growth of the natural food company, the company Lebensgarten was founded in Adorf in the Vogtland region in 2002. Many of the Rosengarten products are produced and stored here.
Integration of the Rosengarten brand
In 1994, the traditional Nuremberg natural food brand Rosengarten was integrated into Minderleinsmühle. Rosengarten products are available exclusively in organic stores and health food specialist shops.
Participation in the first international Biofach
Since 1990 we have been exhibitors at the well-known BIOFACH exhibition. Rosengarten has been an exhibitor from the very beginning. Until 2000 the fair was held in Ludwigshafen, since 2001 it has been held in Nuremberg.
"Natural food from your local mill"
Andreas Hubmann, the 7th generation of the Hubmann family, took over the business from his father in 1983 and changed the course from traditional milling to natural food production. The company has continued to follow this path to this day.
Expansion of the company
The 80s and 90s are marked by many expansions. Today, the former barns provide space for the mill shop, the turbine house offers space for the administration and a number of new buildings provide the necessary production area for the wide range of natural foods.
The Hubmanns at the Minderleinsmühle

The Minderleinsmühle has been owned by the Hubmann family since 1776. However, the name Minderlein is still a tribute to the previous owner.

Historical mention for the first time

Today's Minderleinsmühle was first mentioned in a document in the 13th century. At that time, many mills were built along the Franconian creek "Schwabach" to utilise water power.